Marley is a Fifth Grader ~ First Day of School ~ Redmond Elementary

Well this last Tuesday was the first day of school for Marley. Unlike Kentucky, on the West Coast students start at various times but usually in the month of September. I always like schools starting in September, thats how I remember it was when I went to school and it means a kid can enjoy a more of summer, but I wouldn’t have mind them start in August this year, since Marley has been out of school since March 31. I wanna give props to all those homeschooling parents. I don’t know how you do it. Having to be Marley’s teacher on top of mother, just about did me in.

So Tuesday little man went into the 5th Grade. I have a 5th grader, it makes me feel so old to say that, but I am forty so I guess it is ok. Marley is attending Redmond Elementary this year. I am so grateful we get to send him to this school. Lake Washington School district is one of the best in Washington, and I have a pretty good feeling Marley is going to love this school as much as he did Rosa Parks. Redmond El has a very diverse student population, which is similar to his previous school which is always a major plus. The school is very close to the apartment, so if I wanted to walk with Marley and then go to the park I could. Oh and the best is the school start time. Marley used to have to get up at 6:00 in the morning for school because he road the bus. Now he is up at 8:00 to be at school by 8:45, I really like the time change, it is alot easier on me too!! The school has alot of parent involvement, PTA mothers were very welcoming to me last week, and Marleys Special Education teacher and regular classroom teachers are great. I actually heard from a parent at the PTA meeting that she thought her son might be in Marleys class. When I confirmed the both had same teacher, she told me that Mrs. Hudspeth actually took it upon herself to read books about Autism, I think one was, A Cat who Has Autism. I was blown away that she would introduce Marley to the class and vice versa to help make the transition of meeting new classmates go smoother. Here are some of the pics of Marley’s official first day!!


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